I’m Mel, the brains (ha!) behind the blog.

The basics:

I work part-time as a paralegal intern for a solo divorce attorney, stay home with my kids when I’m not there, and go to school at night. In my spare time, I like to eat, sleep, and bathe. Some days that’s about all I have time for after everything else. But seriously, I like love to sing, act, read, and of course, write.

I’m married to a high school teacher. We met in college, and have been together ever since. He likes comic books and politics. I’ll talk more about him later.

My son is five. I know that no parent is going to say their kid is dumb and ugly, but man is this kid smart. And way too cute for his own good. He does pretty well for himself in his Pre-K class. His friends always ask him to sing, so he probably takes after me a bit.

My daughter is thirteen months old. She looks a lot like her brother, although not as chunky as he was at this age. She also has flaming red hair, and more of it than anyone else in the family did as a baby, so who knows how she managed that?

We have two cats, Tiger and Trouble (also known as Dumb and Dumber, or The Lazy Cat and The Crazy Cat). Tiger is really fat, and Trouble is kind of an attention whore, but they’re good kitties.

And yes, I’m Pagan. What does that mean? Well, I believe in God, but maybe not in the same way that you do. And that’s okay. I think God presents him/her/itself in the way best acceptable to the individual. I also believe in taking care of the planet and celebrating the seasons. I believe in being proactive in my own life, rather than waiting for someone else – even a deity – to step in and create change. Again, this is something I’ll write more about later.

I actually started blogging about four years ago or so, did okay for awhile, got less consistent, and eventually abandoned my blog.  There was just something about what it had become that no longer felt like me.

I started this blog when I was pregnant with my daughter, but school and work and family obligations kept getting in the way. But I miss writing. So, after a long hiatus, I’m back.

Happy reading!